Karl Jungbecker Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 with the intent of helping talented African students from poor financial backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to pursue higher education in mostly Europe. The Foundation focuses mainly on countries in Africa. The Foundation is a non-political and non-sectarian organization.

In order to help the under-privileged sections of the society in the African countries, we have developed a unique program that is aimed to encourage the youth of the country to pursue higher education in world-class European Universities and acquire essential skills through various scholarships and grants.

To qualify for this scholarship, they would require submitting a project report regarding their vision for their country and how their project could help uplift the living standards of the local community.

After careful consideration, the best applicants will be selected and sent to most renowned Universities across Europe. After successful completion of their program, these youngsters will come back to their respective countries and put their project to work. They will be provided with opportunities to work under the local leadership and will be offered complete guidance and support with the implementation of their project and ensure that their plan is successful and helpful to the local community in providing sustainable growth and development.


Building a new world for African youth through education.

Give talented people living in modest financial circumstances, the possibility to gain excellent academic education or training at universities, colleges or other equivalent training centers that would have been impossible for them otherwise.

Our program is committed to supporting progressive social impact by helping entrepreneurial spirit minded students or individuals from Africa. Our program offers full-time study for both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited institutions in Europe. We are nurturing African Leaders to create an economic and sustainable development through quality education.


Change the status-quo of people living in Africa through youth empowerment, education, leadership and a unique network of individuals that would take up the challenge of developing their local communities.



We will strictly follow all policies, rules and procedures mandated. We commit to remain true to our mission, vision and values. We endeavor to learn from our outcomes, continually improving our processes and building an organization worthy of respect, trust and longevity.

The Culture of Excellence

We collaborate with excellent Universities and Professional Training Institutions in Europe to provide our scholars with the right tools and skills needed to prepare them to solve most complex challenges they will meet in the future.


Social value is driving us to make decisions about where to invest resources. We will add measurable value to Karl Jungbecker Foundation and to our stakeholders. We will measure outcomes and faithfully communicate results.



Identifying talent is an art. Christian RUMPFF was invited by a friend to an event organized in Togo to promote young local talent. The possibilities in the eyes of the participants and the lack of facilities and options in that place made him realize that a structured program was required to support Togolese youngsters. His philanthropic vision extends beyond Togo, and the organization he envisaged will eventually work across Africa.

This is the short story of the formation of Karl Jungbecker Foundation, a philanthropic endeavour designed to bring the right resources and people together to create a positive impact on people’s lives. Karl Jungbecker Foundation is envisioned as a platform for bright and talented young people to work towards a scholarship for higher education in an accredited institution in Europe.

It will groom talent and help people acquire skills that they can use to eradicate poverty, bringing better days for many who probably would not otherwise even dream a “big dream” today. These scholars will work with emerging leaders of their communities and help strengthen sustainable development for all.

Karl Jungbecker Foundation will start its efforts from Togo but is designed as a pan Africa organization; it will rapidly spread its wings to bring possibilities to as many talented youngsters as possible. The model will be simple and will ask for a project that the student wishes to implement in his community for sustainable development. The best ideas will then be chosen, and the students behind the plan will be sponsored for the right studies and training. They will then be encouraged and matched up with local leaders to implement the change they dreamt about.


The cause that we have undertaken is a massive one, and it won’t be possible for us to complete it on our own without help. We are open for sponsorship opportunities for the youngsters who will be selected under our program. We have already formed strategic partnerships with various NGOs, Universities and Social organizations to help with our mission but are in need of several more partners to ensure that our program is a success. The success of our program is critical not only for the local communities from which these youngsters come from but also for the entire world, as these youngsters will be groomed into future leaders who will decide the future course of our world.

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