Full Scholarship Award

Karl Jungbecker Foundation offers general scholarships to full-time degree-seeking students from Africa. Scholarships are given for both undergraduates and post-graduates. There are no restrictions on academic subjects, but priority will be given to candidates who can demonstrate that their subject will enable them to contribute to the development of their home country

To be eligible to apply for The Karl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship, applicants must meet the stated criteria provided below:

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Proof of financial need (Explain why you need to be supported financially)
  • Must be citizen or resident of an African country
  • Should be aged between 18 and 28 years at the time of application
  • Should be a student or unemployed (for less than 2 years)
  • Proof of academic achievement, shown by grade point average, test scores, etc.
  • The extent of community involvement (Be able to describe how active you are engaged in your community)
  • Capability to demonstrate Leadership Skills
  • Writing skills, demonstrated by an application essay or otherwise specified
  • Notable achievements in particular fields (sports, debate, performing arts, etc.)
  • Should be enrolled in a university/college in Europe
  • Must be willing to return to origin country after school completion
  • Possess (or is ready to get) a passport and other necessary documents to facilitate travel

Social Impact Funding

Karl Jungbecker Foundation finances entrepreneurial activities that seek to improve likelihoods in the rural areas and contribute to the social change.

In order to be considered for Karl Jungbecker Foundation Project Funding, applicants must meet the following project criteria below:

Criteria for project

  • Project’s owner must be citizen or resident of an African country
  • Must be for the benefit of African communities
  • Focus on long-term, lasting change
  • Focus on sustainable development
  • Have a good chance of successful completion within a two (2) year period
  • Demonstrate project feasibility in terms of cost, procedures, personnel, time and available resources.
  • Have measurable outcomes and quantifiable impacts
  • Engage local community stakeholders
  • Focus on addressing the root cause of the issue
  • Establish verifiable project milestones
  • Provide a clear benefit to stakeholders
  • Must be written clearly and simply
  • Must be in accordance with local laws

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